Watch Us Grow


The Watch Us Grow (WUG) Project is a collaborative amongst Building Youth Tomorrow Today (BYTT), Fresno Freedom School (FS), and African American Farmers of California (AAFC) youth members. The young members established the WUG project to educate underserved students and communities on specialty crops.

Harvesting in the Community
Creating Healthy eating Habits
Naturall Food

Who We Are

Watch Us Grow Collaborative

This project was merged with agricultural programs to promote and increase participation from local groups such as: Fresno Freedom School, Boys & Girls Clubs of Fresno, and Fresno Unified School District to develop a vocational trade of gardening/planting, harvesting, and preparing specialty crops for consumption.

Farming techniques for Land Preparation, and Crop Maintenance

Participants of the WUG project learn how to: Prepare the soil, install irrigation drip lines and mulching film, and plant specialty crops at partnering WUG demonstration farm sites Weekly maintenance of specialty crops is performed by Site Coordinators, volunteers, and youth participants WUG participant's ages range on average from 4 to 18 years of age. Our oldest participant is 101 years old!

From Farm to Fork: Harvesting and Cooking WUG Specialty Crops

WUG youth participants are active in every stage of growing, harvesting, cooking and consuming products made from specialty crops

Recipe Development

Participants get the opportunity to create and recipe and a product from the harvest.



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